My name is Adam and I am a Software Developer.  I live in Henderson KY with a beautiful wife, 2 perfect kids, 1 dog and 1 cat.  I am not sure what more you could ask for?

I work for Energy Systems Group, where I develop line of business and ERP applications.  That said this blog and its content along with any opinions expressed are my own.  I have a passion for Web Application development and I am always looking for ways that I can use the web to do good. 

Still reading… wow.  Here is additional background.

Over the years I have also done work outside of my normal 9-5 “day job”.  Currently I am filling my time with consulting engagements and building a SaaS app called Clarity Issue Tracker ( 

Clarity Issue Tracking is aimed at developers and project managers who need to work with a large number of stakeholders.  Clarity gives you unlimited users per group so you can work unencumbered by restrictive per seat licenses.  Quick and easy exports to Excel, Open or Comment on issues via email, and a beautiful interface are just some of the many features.

Around 2005, I also had moderate success with a desktop personal finance budget tool called “Money Folders”.  I sold copies of Money Folders all over the US and several other countries.  I no longer support or sell Money Folders but I do still use it personally today. 

It was an envelope based budgeting tool designed for folks who use debit cards.  Along with the envelope concept, it also had another amazing feature that I haven’t seen duplicated elsewhere to this day.  It would allow you to reconcile against your online bank.  The reconcile window was a dual view with the transactions to reconcile on the left and your banks web page on the right.